We Are The Anteris Alliance

Anteris Alliance is a collective group of Veteran & Patriot owned companies willing to work together to serve the american people and provide support for those who have served and still currently serving our great nation.

Anteris Alliance is more than “just business”. The Alliance is several things. First, it is a community of like minded folks working together wherever possible to the mutual value of each other in both directions. Second, it is like a family, which means not perfect, but a group of people who share
common goals, and relationships that supersede daily business.

 It is like the military in that many of us come from a variety of backgrounds, not always in agreement, but knowing the collective mission outweighs any singular person. Together is the only way we can achieve more, working to reduce overhead, increase revenues, and partner where it makes sense to further our mutual goals.

The Alliance Board team, works hard to facilitate a network that provides the opportunity for opportunity. What does that mean? None of our management team can or wishes to take control of your company, make decisions for it, nor can we guarantee each company will be ultimately successful just by being part of the group.

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