Who is Long Consulting Group?

Will Long is a retired FBI agent, USMC (Reserves), and Army National Guard Veteran with over 25 years of service as a violent crime, narcotics, and terrorism investigator.  He was also an FBI SWAT operator and firearms instructor for 23 of those years.

Will has worked in the private sector for 7 years as security and investigations professional.

Will is a lifelong hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Long Consulting Group provides services to private clients, law firms, and corporations including outdoor industry companies. Services include:

  • Outsourcing security manager operations on as needed basis
    • Assessing security needs
    • Implementation of best practices
    • Integration of physical and cyber security
    • Protection of proprietary and sensitive information
    • Employee training including active shooter response
  • Security matters
    • Physical security of facilities and personnel
    • Assessing and managing threats
  • HR consulting and investigations
    • Employee misconduct allegations
    • Discrimination and sexual harassment allegations
    • Internal theft, fraud, and kickbacks
    • Mishandling proprietary information/intellectual property
    • Information security
  • Enhanced background investigations for senior executives, critical hires, investors, etc
  • Litigation support
    • Working with your legal counsel:
      • Developing factual information to support ongoing or anticipated litigation
      • Expert witness services regarding firearms use, training, and defensive shootings
  • Consulting on product development in the law enforcement and tactical sales space

Will is part of a nationwide network of retired and former FBI agents providing specialized security and investigative skills. Additional resources are available through this network to assist in addressing security and investigative matters.

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