Who Is Carry Girl Gear?

Carry Girl Gear is a Female/Veteran owned and Texas family run company dedicated to providing custom apparel and accessories for the badass woman!

After spending 10 years in the finance industry, the founder and owner of CGG, Bee, decided it was time to follow her dreams. As a survivor of a brutal rape at the age of 19 on her college campus she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to helping women protect themselves from potential assaults. Through her experience as an assault survivor, an NRA instructor, an avid supporter of the US Constitution and her love for empowering and lifting up women, she created Carry Girl Gear.

Bee wanted to create an apparel line and shop that catered to the badass woman, that featured dope conversation starter tees and range gear. She wanted CGG to help promote, educate and support women who shoot, carry and are supporters of the second amendment by creating not only a shop. but a community of incredible women. CGG was her dream.

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