Who Is Aaron Powell Commercial Firearms Insurance?

  • Joined the Ohio National Guard at 19 y.o. as a 12B
  • 2 combat tours: Iraq 2009-’10, Afghanistan 2012
  • In the industry since 2018.
  • 3 years dedicated to insuring the firearms and shooting sports industry.
  • My inspiration and drive to serve the firearms industry comes from God and his Natural order/laws. Our founding fathers clearly understood that as well. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were a recognition that Natural Law comes first, and man’s law comes second. Because men are fallen.
  • The Firearms industry; manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, ranges and instructors are the infrastructure for the population to realize their Natural Rights. I believe it is my job to protect that infrastructure.


My wife and I are forming a club of localized communities of veterans to support each other in everyday life, focusing on: Self Sustainment, Personal Finance, health and family, Spirituality, and Social Engagement

Company overview

3,000 Firearms and outdoors related clients.
Insure 30 of the 53 5-star rated ranges in the country
30+ years of dedication to firearms and shooting sports industry within our small division of firearms specialists.
Proud member and Insurance consultants to the NSSF
Top 5 largest privately owned brokers in the country
Top 10 privately owned brokers internationally

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