Special Operations Wounded Warrior (SOWW)

SOWW, Special Operations Wounded Warriors, A 501(c)(3) Charity, was formed for the sole purpose of recognizing both active duty and veteran members of our United States Special Operations Forces with charitable outdoor events, family retreats, and focused therapeutic treatments. SOWW recognizes that as the war on terrorism continues, Special Operations Forces will be facing new challenges all too frequently. In fact, we feel there has never been a greater need for Special Operations Forces than right now. Special Operations will continue to be the force of choice, time and time again, as America attempts to protect the homeland, and pursues those that wish to harm her throughout the globe.Special Operations Forces are comprised of nearly 70,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps personnel, including Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy Small Boat Units and Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers, and Marine Corps special operations personnel. These specialized teams are being asked to do more, and are working under a broader range of conditions than have ever been asked of them before. These missions are conducted quickly and require frequent and unpredictable deployment schedules, personal hardships, and increase risk of casualties during both operations and training.

As the result of their purpose, and as the result of the fact that these individuals’ missions are often hidden by dark of night, and become untold efforts to protect our country, the need to recognize these individuals will be increasing as well. Especially for those that have suffered pains, injuries, loss of limbs, and other hardships. These Special Operations Forces seldom receive the recognition they deserve, due to the secretive nature of their contributions to our Country.

It is the mission of SOWW, its members, and its volunteers to provide unique outdoor experiences to the deserving men and women of our U.S. Special Operations Forces that have sustained wounds in battle and or in significant service to our Country. Our distinct purpose is to recognize their sacrifices, aid in their rehabilitation by mending the strains of their many sacrifices, and to provide strength and comfort, all with our sincerest expressions of gratitude.

Cover 6 Outdoors

Cover 6 Outdoors strives to instill a sense of honor, hope and pride by reintroducing Veterans to the elusive camaraderie and brotherhood that is hard to find once we have left the military and by embracing the morals and virtues that we value as veteran or current service members. As Veterans and Combat Veterans, our staff here at Cover 6 Outdoors understand that being around your combat blood brothers can prove to be life changing and life saving and as such we also strive to provide a safe, comforting environment for all veterans and their spouses and dependents.

Cover 6 Outdoors provides these activities free of charge to Veterans and their dependents in order to give them a chance to break free from the stress and anxiety caused by PTSD, TBI, marital issues and numerous other life challenges that come with reintegration. By doing so, each Veteran Community member that attends an event has the opportunity to meet, interact, and connect with like minded Veterans. At Cover 6 Outdoors we revere and protect the coveted brotherhood that so many have raised their right hand that is required to be forever inducted. Additionally, we will do everything in our power to guide the Veteran and their families in the proper direction to obtain any resources that they so rightfully have earned and deserve.

FLEOA Foundation

The Foundation was created to financially assist FLEOA members and their families in times of need. Over the years the FLEOA Foundation has awarded hundreds of scholarships and thousands of dollars to federal law enforcement officers and their families. FLEOA is the “voice” of federal law enforcement and works with agency heads, administration officials and legislators to represent, protect and advocate for issues important to federal law enforcement officers. Every year, FLEOA also recognizes the work of distinguished law enforcement officers with yearly Heroism, Bravery and Investigative awards. The best work that FLEOA does is through its FLEOA Foundation, an established IRS/CFC recognized 501(C)(3) charity, that is also part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), that delivers emergency financial support to law enforcement officers in need. Whether it’s a line of duty death, health or fiscal issue, the Foundation responds and delivers help to those in need. Every year, the Foundation also solicits and awards educational scholarships to the children of law enforcement officers, with priority given to children of “the fallen.”

Oath, Inc.

OATH exists to support our nation’s veterans. Through our 14 State Chapters and over 200 Registered Veterans, we are using our various programs and efforts to daily improve the quality of life for our heroes. While a great portion of our efforts and resources focus on getting our veterans outdoors via a hunting or fishing trip for some much needed outdoors therapy, we realize that we need to do more than just these trips to adequately support these heroes. Our Battle Buddy Program exists to pair a Gold Star kiddo with a member of his or her fallen parent’s unit from combat, and we take them on a trip that will not soon be forgotten. Our Foxhole Program centers around our older veterans that reside in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, and we work closely with these facilities to take these veterans out for fun filled days of fishing, or casual boat riding or BBQ’ing or whatever it is that they wish to do. Our Leash Up Program sees us pair some wonderful dogs with our OATH Registered Veterans for some much needed support as they face sleepless nights, PTSD and / or TBI, or issues with social anxiety. Our Warrior Wives Program allows us to take the wives of our Veterans on retreats to show them that they are not only appreciated for their constant support, but also vital in the lives of their veteran. Everyday, OATH is adding new and exciting ways to support the entire family unit of these Heroes, and we would be honored and blessed to have your support !

Boot Campaign

The Boot Campaign mission is to promote patriotism for America and our military community; raise awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and provide assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families.

Navy Seal Foundation

The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

Built on an unparalleled legacy and established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. The Foundation is a resolute cornerstone for the Naval Special Warfare community and their families in times of adversity and triumph. Each of our specialized programs maps directly back to the U.S. Special Operations Command directive and the Naval Special Warfare’s Preservation of the Force and Family Program, a program designed to address the “fraying” of the force caused by stress of more than 15 years of sustained combat. Our programs are designed to improve health and welfare, build and enhance resiliency, empower and educate their families, and provide critical support during times of illness, injury, and loss.

Lone Survivor Foundation

The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

ReBoot Campaign

Our veterans fought hard for your life. Now you can help them fight for theirs.

Revolutionary Restoration
We are revolutionizing how veterans receive recovery assistance through ReBOOT: a scientific and holistic veteran treatment program unlike anything this country has ever seen.  ReBOOT is medically based and 100% customized to specifically fit each veteran’s exact needs. This program treats vets from the inside out, top to bottom, restoring them to who they were meant to be. It gives them their life back.

WHAM Art Association

WHAM Art Association (WHAM) is a community oriented 501 (c) 3 organization that is bringing the ARTS to people of all ages, race, abilities, and economic status in many of the West Valley Cities. WHAM’s mission is to provide innovative, multidisciplinary, arts-inclusive programming, exhibits, and projects to the diverse communities we serve. As an organization, we are interested in enhancing economic development and artistic collaboration for our members, the community, and other organizations. WHAM Art Association achieves its mission through intensive, year-round activities for all ages and abilities in concert with community led programming that engages local audiences in quality artistic experiences and expression. WHAM operates in an 8,500 sq. ft facility that houses a professional gallery, 15 active artist studios, and several classrooms for teaching the arts. WHAM currently has 200+ members and growing. Fully 1/3 of the members are art educators and talented in many visual arts mediums. WHAM has all the traditional art classes but focuses on several outreach programs for the under-served populations of Veterans with PTSD; people with special needs; patients with Alzheimer’s; and Teens At-Risk. WHAM has created with community participation several public art pieces throughout 6 West Valley Cities. WHAM supplements many city arts departments with our talented professional artists as instructors and leaders in their own events and art activities. WHAM is dependent on funds from individuals, companies, and grants to continue to provide our community programming. WHAM’s tag line is ‘art, create, motivate, impact’ helping to inspire people to participate in the ARTS and experience a better quality of life.

One of our successful programs is called “Art: A Path to Healing”, in our 3rd year, which provides Veterans with PTSD and TBI a professional art class and a lunch once a month. We currently have 30 veterans enrolled that mainly attend our WHAM art center in Surprise. We are growing the program teaching in the Old Town Peoria Community Center to reach veterans in Peoria. All the art instructors are professional WHAM art members who volunteer their time. We are funded by individuals, a couple small grants and some funds from the Arizona Art Alliance who is an umbrella of veteran art programs for the greater Phoenix area. In the fall of 2017 we will extend our Art: A Path to Healing to First Responders recognizing the growing mental health problems of prolonged stress and danger in police and fireman.

Another program that is very successful is called ‘Bowls of Hope’. WHAM clay artists make handmade bowls throughout the year to sell during the Thanksgiving week to provide funds to give to the West Valley needy. We are in our 4th year and will provide approximately $2,000 split between Valley View Food Bank, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Eve’s Place, two families who have children with cancer, and we are adding a Teen Shelter in Buckeye. Last year we gave $2300 and the preceding year approximately $1900 to organizations to support our needy. We distribute the funds around Thanksgiving time to remind the public to give to those who are less fortunate than themselves. WHAM members are committed to giving back to our communities.

Wheelchairs for Warriors

A non-profit providing one of kind wheelchairs for injured veterans and law enforcement that can be operated by eyes, breath, mouth, chin, head, or even a finger. Whatever limitations are present, we accommodate in detail (i.e. sip and puff, chin, head, finger, foot, shoulder, whatever is their ability we will use it to create their mobility and independence at the highest level possible.)

The Wheelchairs for Warriors Board of Directors are not employed nor compensated by Wheelchairs for Warriors. Their volunteer time is spent leading the strategic purpose of the organization, while providing counsel, direction, and fiduciary accountability. 


Taylor Strong Project

The Taylor Strong Project is designed to give back to the Veteran and First Responder Community through donation, financial assistance, and special events. But most importantly, The Taylor Strong Project’s focus is on educating the millennial generation on the history and values that America was built.

As a “non-political” project, we want the next generation (Millennials) to learn what they may not have been taught nor given the opportunity to learn.

We support the Veteran First Responder community, teaching respect for those that protect our people and our freedoms. We were surprised to learn that there was hardly anything like this out there for our Patriotic Youth, and want this generation to understand it’s okay to love America and the traditions and history that formed the greatest country in the world.