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Episode 39 – AMN – Sarah Parkins-Pyles, Electronic Transfer, Inc.

In this episode, Birdman interviews a very special guest, Sarah Parkins-Pyles, who works for Electronic Transfer and is an Anteris Alliance member. 

Birdman and Sarah discuss a few topics, including what Electronic Transfer is, how she found out about and became involved with the Anteris Alliance, about how Anteris is a community, a family that help stand each other up and support one another, about the Taylor Strong Project (still in early stages of development) in memory of Taylor, Sarah’s beautiful daughter, and how Anteris Alliance benefits a company.

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Electronic Transfer lets you effortlessly accept payments. Take all major credit cards, debit cards and checks online. Process payments through a credit card terminal, from your computer browser, phone, desktop, website or however you would like to. You can customize everything!


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