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Episode 38 – AMN – James Gray, Tiggersafe

In this episode Birdman chats with a new Anteris Alliance member at the Hub Fest, Mr. James Gray, Owner and CEO of Triggersafe. They discuss Gray’s background, his product, and how he heard about the Anteris Alliance and steps he took to become a member.

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About James Gray:

James is a 26 year veteran of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, having spent the majority of that time on the street.  He is also an 18.5  year  member of SWAT having recently retired from the team in April of 2015.  He is currently assigned to the Firearms Range within the Training Division. Throughout his career he has been involved in numerous critical incidents including three lethal police action shootings. James is a state certified general and firearms instructor. James was also a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Washington D.C. for two years prior to IMPD.  He has attended numerous schools including firearms, explosive breaching, SWAT, and executive protection. James has a B.S. degree from Indiana University.  He is travelling around the country speaking on Officer Involved Shootings for Dolan Consulting Group and will be a presenter at the 2017 I.A.C.P in Philadelphia.  He was recently interviewed by Brian Willis of the Excellence in Training Academy.

Why was Triggersafe created?

Triggersafe? was designed to fix a weapon problem that officers and citizens knew occurred, but no one wanted to discuss,  Negligent Discharges. When a person with a rifle does not have “positive control” of the weapon, the chances of a negligent discharge increase.  Positive control is when we have our hands on the weapon and control the safety and trigger. The chance that a piece of gear or other object can push the trigger is greatly reduced with a Triggersafe? in place.  Triggersafe? was intended for environments and times when we don’t have full control of the weapon. 

Triggersafe? is manufactured in LaPorte, Indiana. This advanced safety feature is being used by citizens around the country, officers and SWAT Teams. 


**More information is available about Triggersafe on their website noted above.


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