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Episode 26 – ARN – Range Systems

In this episode Birdman talks with Randall Mendenhall, Range Systems in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Who is Range Systems:

Range Systems Inc. was founded as a result of the need for safe live fire training environments for our country’s soldiers and officers. To address this need, we developed and patented a manufacturing process for creating the most effective ballistic rubber in the industry.

Formulated from recycled rubber particles and our exclusive and patented composition, these products are known by the trade names of Dura-Bloc? and Dura-Panel?. The result is a ballistic rubber bullet encapsulation system proven to be the safest, most cost-effective solution for containing bullets as well as nearly eliminating splatter and ricochet, and minimizing airborne lead contaminants.

That was nearly two decades ago and through this time we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. We continue to strive to bring innovative products to provide solutions for:

– Shooting ranges (indoor and outdoor)
– Modular and Reconfigurable Shoot Houses
– Permanent and deployable training facilities
– Forensic and Testing Lab Firing Ranges
– Private and in home ranges

Our products are tested internally as well validated through third parties to substantiate our reputation of providing the safest and most economic live fire training solutions available today.

Range Systems strives to help our customers meet the challenges of balancing economy and environment with product performance and range safety. Our commitment to provide dynamic training solutions in a safe and sustainable range environment has earned Range Systems the recognition of providing innovative systems that are unsurpassed in safety, quality, and ballistic performance.

Headquartered in New Hope, Minnesota, Range Systems is a privately held, small business.

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