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Episode 16 – ARN – Keith Porco, Sinterfire

Recorded during the Try and Buy at the Pro Gun Club before the 2017 SHOT Show.

In this episode Birdman talks with Keith Porco, Sinterfire

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We are proud to be the originator and leading manufacture of the lead-free copper/tin frangible projectile. Since 1998, SinterFire has been aggressively developing and testing a wide range of ammunition components to address the growing needs of a “green” (lead-free) and frangible (safer) projectile. During this development, many different designs and configurations have been rigorously tested. In the end, the best projectiles have been produced to address both aspects of the environmental and safety needs of the shooting industry. All SinterFire products are made using an exclusive blend of metal composites that give our products the best performance possible. This design gives our projectiles the Performance Characteristics such as;

  • Controlled Frangibility
  • Reduced Hazard
  • No Ricochet
  • Inherent Accuracy
  • Increased Velocity
  • Decrease Bore Wear
  • Reduced Chamber Pressure

Positioned to Supply the World

In 2007, we finished the expansion of our state of the art facility that covers 22,000 square feet. This extra space has allowed us to upgrade our office area, add a conference center, and increase our manufacturing. The additional manufacturing area contains our close tolerance, high speed production/processing equipment that gives us the capacity to produce more than 400 million components annually.

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