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Episode 11 – ARN – SSP Eyewear

Recorded during the Try and Buy at the Pro Gun Club before the 2017 SHOT Show.

In this episode Birdman talks with Sara Mellado, Operations Manager, SSP Eyewear.

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SSP Eyewear and has been manufacturing world-class eyewear for over a decade. Our business is dedicated to Don Bechtel, grandfather of SSP eyewear’s president and founder, Mike Bechtel, who lost an eye as a child. Our mission is to spread the word that safety eyewear is necessary, not just on the jobsite and sporting activities, but also in day-to-day life. We are committed to creating safety sunglasses that provide exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors and superior fit. It really is possible to have all of the comfort and eye appeal of a sunglass with the protection of a safety glass. 

Eyewear Facts

Fashionable: 87% of eye injuries occur because people were not wearing safety glasses. People do not wear safety glasses because they are unfashionable, uncomfortable and hinder their view. SSP is dedicated to creating safety sunglasses that are fashionable, comfortable and beg to be worn.

Shatterproof Lenses: SSP’s safety sunglass lenses are prepared with a superior anti-scratch coating and shatterproof polycarbonate. They have been rigorously tested by labs approved by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), a private non-profit organization that provides the standard that OSHA upholds and enforces. All SSP safety sunglasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87+ and are marked on the temple and at least one lens. Each pair of safety glasses is tested with a complex machine that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at over 100 mph.

High-Quality Decentered Lenses: Have you ever worn a cheap pair of glasses and ended up with a headache? All SSP lenses are designed with high-quality optically correct Decentered Lenses. This feature makes the lenses optically correct (so that the center of the lenses align with your pupils) for better vision and to eliminate refraction on curved lenses.

Temples: Uniquely designed to be flexible to minimize pinching and are comfortable for all day use. They are so comfortable, you might not even realize your safety glasses are on your face.

Rubber Tips: A unique rubber compound that is permanently attached, is soft and pliable for nose pads and temple tips. As it is exposed to moisture from perspiration and body heat it becomes tacky, securing your glasses to your face.

Frames: The frames are designed precisely to position your safety sunglasses to three points of contact; you’ll experience a fit that’s free of unwanted pressure points. The wrap around design positions the lenses in a way that guarantees the widest and clearest field of vision possible and minimizes distortion. They are lightweight, flexible?.weather resistant, and temperature resistant material. 95% of the frames are available in a high-quality pearl paint finish in popular colors.


Who is Sara Mellado:

Sara is the Operations Manager for SSP Eyewear since January 2016.  I am also the Granddaughter of World War II and Korean War Veteran Richard C. Mellado who’s folded flag resides in my home. He continues to be my inspiration.  His family were immigrants of Spain and lived in poverty for many years. Upon turning 18, my grandfather served in World War II as a Radio-Gunner and later served in the Korean War. He retired from the Air Force as a Technical Sergeant. He also served as Regional Director of Veteran Employment Services and later became the Labor Commissioner for the state of Texas. You can say he had a strong work ethic and never gave up and never stopped trying to improve the lives of others. My Grandfather passed in February of 2000 and remains my inspiration to work hard and never give up. Working for SSP and being part of the Anteris Alliance has opened many opportunities to work with other Veterans and hear their inspirational stories that need to be heard as well.


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